Born in 2013, Hangarvain is an Italian alternative rock band with southern rock and hard blues influences led by singer Sergio Toledo Mosca and guitarist-producer Alessandro Liccardo. Between 2014 and 2023 the band released 4 Albums, 2 EPs and played hundreds of shows joining legendary international artists such as Gilby Clarke (Guns N’ Roses), Y&T, Hardcore Superstar, Skillet, The Darkness and L.A. Guns and D-A-D among others. They also took part in several international festivals such as Planet Rockstock 2021 (Trecco Bay, Wales) and Hills Of Rock 2022 (Plovdiv, Bulgaria) together with bands like Slipknot, Testament, Mercyful Faith and many others. Hangarvain released the new album "Soul Desire" produced by Fabrizio Grossi (Supersonic Blues Machine) between Italy and USA and published by Volcano Records through The Orchard/Sony on February 24th 2023 and embarked on a journey through the main Italian cities for the promotional tour that touched Naples, Milan, Genova, Rome, Turin and many others. In 2024, to celebrate the ten years since the release of their debut album "Best Ride Horse" (2014), the band decided to release a new record that will include successful songs from their repertoire totally re-arranged, as well as new songs. Additionally, the group is working on a documentary that will cover ten years of music, emotions, and great international experiences.